The Woodlands Art Here is a groundbreaking exhibit featuring the artists of The Woodlands. Using disabled artists as role models, our artists developed their own style and application of the works of Judith Scott, Helen Rae, and Victoria Dugger. This exhibit debuts their works alongside local and national disabled artists such as Matthew Carroll (Pittsburgh), Ashley Bravin (LA), and Alex Haagard (Toronto). Curated by Fran Flaherty, Sallyann Kluz (Office of Public Art), and Ruth Fabby (Disability Arts Cymru, UK).
The background of the painting displays various tall buildings forming a city skyline. The buildings are trimmed in a golden glow with a stormy sky behind it. Below this is a body of water that resembles a river in a vibrant hue of blue. Below the river, dominating two thirds of the painting is a large green, grassy lawn. The sky, grass, and water feature many overlapping images including some of the following: large trees with bare branches, cartoon stars with faces, a floating pink rug with people picnicking on it, sea creatures like fish and large whales, a baseball diamond, bat and ball, several animal/creatures, flowers, and a swooping pedestrian bridge.
Woodlands Artists; WORK-IN-PROGRESS; acrylic on canvas
The background of the painting displays various tall buildings forming a city skyline. The buildings are trimmed in a golden glow with the night sky and shooting stars behind it. Below this is a body of water that resembles a river in a vibrant hue of blue. On the far right of the painting, above the water are two blue and orange rocket ship/robots with flames jutting out. Next to this, perched on the edge of the river is a red, steeple church with arched stained-glass windows. Below the river, dominating two thirds of the painting is a large bright green, grassy lawn featuring many scenes of activity and life, including the following: a male and female in shorts and t shirts, sitting on a bench looking at their smartphones; a tall woman a big blond ponytail jumping rope; a young boy chasing the tail of a rainbow colored kite; a young couple reclining having a picnic on a blanket; children swinging on a swing set, two friends throwing masks into a burning trash barrel, a young girl with a remote control with another of the rocket ship/robots above her head, and a large chocolate brown dog lazing on the grass seemingly asleep, it’s owner, a young boy with a backwards red cap and a striped blue and green shirt standing nearby.
Matthew Carroll; acrylic on canvas
Centered on the painting is a full-length view of a woman wearing a midnight blue and black, floor-length dress. She has light brown skin, tightly closed pink lips and heavy black eyeliner. Her hair is black and shaped in a neat, short bob. Her hand is perched on her chest and she wears bright red nail polish. The background of her portrait is composed of light and dark blue hues. Some areas appear to be torn. On the faded areas, surrounding the woman, are the silhouettes of six red and light blue paper birds. The 2 inches of the painting is a neat frame made with a patchwork of colors, including pink, red, blue, orange, and purple. On top the patchwork paint are wavy zig zag shapes. On the top of the border, the word “wonderful” appears. At the bottom of the painting, the word “special” appears in red lettering.
 Jennifer Mazur; collage, acrylic on canvas
Center on the painting is the faded image of a light skinned woman. She is staring ahead with a blank expression on her face. Her eyes are trimmed with a deep green shade of eye shadow. She wears a black dress with cut-outs that we can only partially see. In her hands, she clutches a small multi-colored floral handbag. The woman appears as if she is floating in a sea of brilliant blue made with overlapping dots. Surrounding the woman’s head is a series of Kelly green dots that extend down her body in a chain-like fashion on her left side. On her body, as well as surrounding it on all sides, are a series of black and red bird silhouettes. Some of the birds appear to be perching on the body of the woman, while others appear to be taking flight around her.
 Laken Hoover; collage, acrylic and ink on canvas
Centered on the painting is the portrait of a woman with fair, peach-colored skin. She has light blue eyes, dark brown eyebrows, and orange-ish red lips that are closed tightly to not reveal a smile. Below her face is a series of colorful paint clusters in shades of gold, cobalt blue, and silver. They give the appearance of a dress that extends all the way up the woman’s neck. Her head is crowned with three-dimensional paper rosettes in shades of purple, teal, light blue, gray and white. Surrounding the portrait is a 3-inch border of blended purple and blue colors. On the bottom portion of the border sits three large, three dimensional flowers in shades of teal, light blue, white, and gray.
  Alicia Rose; collage, acrylic on canvas
Center of the painting is a woman in a long sleeve, blue and aqua textured dress. She has light skin, dark eyes rimmed in black eyeliner and ruby red lips. She has jet black hair worn in a short, smooth bob. The background behind her is a mixture of dabbled light and dark greens. On top of the green are several small purple flowers and the cutout silhouettes of three blue birds. Near the bottom half of her dress, the background becomes a bright fuchsia shade. A three-inch border neatly trims that entire portrait and is shaded by using short strokes of graphite.
 Anthony Eastly; collage, acrylic, and graphite on canvas
Center of the painting stands a woman in a strapless ballgown. The gown is mint green and has an ornate black floral pattern on top. Her hair is dark and curled at the ends. Her face is partially obscured by pink paint and a red cut out of tulips. Her hands are clasped in front of her with black squiggles on top of them. The background of the painting is a dark aqua shade and has two golden snowflakes and the silhouettes of two black birds. An outside border on the painting consists of a series of short strokes and dots in brown, orange, blue, yellow, and pink.
Teri Owens, collage, acrylic and ink on canvas
The painting is covered in a dense series of overlapping drips and dots in shades of red, blue, purple, yellow, green, orange, and black. Center of the painting, behind a layer of dots, there is the dark shape of a woman in a floor length dress, with her arms folded holding a handbag in the crook of her elbow. Her face is entirely obscured by the colorful dots.
George O’Donnell, ink on canvas
Center of the painting stands a slender, light-skinned woman. She wears a light silver, floor length satin gown. Her arms are folded across her chest and she stares ahead with a straight face. On top of her head are a series of black lines shooting straight up to form a mohawk. The background behind her is white. Layered on top of her gown are a series of paper cut-outs featuring neon green and pink squiggles, and yellow and red daisy flowers. The portrait is bordered by a colorful patchwork design in shades of light pink, blue, red, gold, and purple.
Jennifer Pitzer, collage and acrylic on canvas
Center of the painting is a woman with light brown skin. She has bright green eyes and long lashes, over arched eyebrows with purple shadow beneath her. Her lips are oversized and bright red. Floating beneath her is one extra long, bare arm. Her hair is black and styled in large, short black curls. The entire background of the painting is a series of red and purple overlapping dots with larger purple loops floating on top.
 Eric Kavanagh, acrylic and ink on canvas
A 12 inch stick is suspended in the air. The stick is wrapped in purple and blue yarn. There is a small golden bow tied in the center of the stick and short tendrils of neon green ribbon fluttering off it. Cascading down the stick are strands of purple and gray yarn that are about two feet long. Some strands have colorful beads (orange, yellow, pink, purple) stacked on the ends. There are also some silver stars entwined in the yarn.
 Alicia Rose, fiber art, mixed materials
A skinny dowel rod is suspended in the air. Hanging from the rod is a string and black laces with two shoe-shaped objects hanging from it. The objects are covered in multiple overlapping layers of material: bubble wrap, yellow plastic tape, gold garland, purple tape, and purple yarn.
Teri Owens, fiber art, mixed materials
A hardback book that features the cutout shape of a reptilian looking eye in shades of orange and beige. The outside cover is lined in neat color blocked rows of yarn in shades of blue, green, red and orange. Interspersed between the yarn are clusters of gemstones in various colors and small dinosaur stickers. The back of the book is also wrapped in neat rows of red, purple and green yarn. Woven into the yarn are six plastic miniature dinosaur toys in green and orange.
Anthony Eastly, fiber art, mixed materials
Two oval disks, approximately 10 and 8 inches in diameter. The larger disk is covered in an overlapping pattern of plastic bags strands and blue, red, and green yarn. The smaller disk is covered in an overlapping pattern of plastic bags and black and orange yarn.
George O’Donnell, fiber art, mixed materials
A collection of seven small objects that can be held in the palm of a hand. They are all wrapped in various materials, some items are baseball trophies wrapped in blue yarn and red plastic strands with blue rubber bands; a small yellow box wrapped in a red plastic bow, a glass jar wrapped in gold string and pink gingham print ribbon with a pink carnation attached. The jar contains water and clear beads. There is also a small plastic green object wrapped in pastel purple yarn with a yellow plastic butterfly perched on it.
Jennifer Mazur, fiber art, mixed materials
A fabric sculpture made of stuffed white and tan nylon tube stockings. There is a large trunk shape in the center with two tubes coming off on either side of the trunk. At the end of the trunk is another tubular shape dangling below. The opposite end of the trunk has a smaller tubular piece with two, drooping pieces attached on either side. The entire sculpture is covered in random patches of rainbow glitter. To the bottom right of the sculpture sits a small round disk covered in a web of bright yellow tape.
Jennifer Mazur, sculpture, mixed materials
Four tubular shapes, made of stuff nylon stockings, are connected in a twisted knot onto a smaller, more bulbous-shaped stuffed nylon. Each of the four tubular shapes has a few strands of yarn tied around them. One of the tubes is different and features a few circles of silver garland instead of white yarn.
Laken Hoover, sculpture, mixed materials
A large, rounded stuffed object covered in a black and white python print fabric is perched in the center of a podium. Spraying off the bottom of this rounded object are five, plump, tubular shapes which are covered in more of the python print or a matte black fabric.
Jennifer Pitzer, sculpture, mixed materials
A large, bulbous stuff object is covered in a gray fabric. On top of the gray orb is a smaller white round object that has a small scrap of purple fabric on atop it. Descending from the bottom of the gray orb are 5 white tubular shapes that dangle. Each is held at the base with a stand of black and white striped fabric. The entire object is covered in various sizes and colors of pom poms.
Alicia Rose, sculpture, mixed materials
A small brown stuffed dog is wrapped in various materials. The head is wrapped in an abstract pattern with a thin, light pink string. The body of the dog is wrapped with various materials including a straw hat and multi-colored strings of yarn
 Eric Kavanagh, sculpture, mixed materials
Two long black tubular shapes descend from a gathered knot held together by a flowing pink ribbon. The bottom of each tubular shape is tied off with a knot of black fabric that is wishbone shaped.
Teri Owens, sculpture, mixed materials
A stuffed object that has two longer, tubular objects descending. They are covered in a nylon fabric with a gray and yellow floral pattern. At the top base is a large knot in the same gray and yellow fabric. Descending to the right and left of this knot are two, dark brown tubular shapes that are slightly smaller in length and scale than the ones that hang below in the floral print.
George O’Donnell, sculpture, mixed materials
A six-foot-long snake shape is covered in copious amounts of overlapping yarn. Colors include white, red, blue, green, orange, and pink. At the edge of the snake shape is another item, which is much smaller in scale (a foot long). It is slightly bent and curved and is covered again in overlapping, copious amounts of yarn in shades of fuchsia, green, and blue. Some tan paw-like shapes are visible through the yarn.
 Laken Hoover, fiber art, mixed materials
A trio of small paintings. One features a black dream catcher web in the upper left corner. The background is an ombre of blue and gray. In white lettering within the dream catcher it reads “Let you dreams fly” and “Alicia’s Artistic Abilities”. There are strands of colorful three dimensional blue, yellow, and orange feathers streaming from the catcher. The second painting features a collection of overlapping three dimensional butterflies in shades of blue, yellow, and gray. The backdrop of the painting is blue and purple with the silhouette of a patch of trees in the left corner. The third painting is a swirling pink and purple background with raised black lettering that reads “I AM enough.”
Alicia Rose, Collage and acrylic on canvas and wood
An Instagram post, viewed on a smartphone. White text in a system font centred on a An Instagram post, viewed on a smartphone. White text in a system font centred on a square the colour of cartoon sunshine. The text reads, “May Be Art.” This is the alt text autogenerated by Instagram in November 2021 for Henri Matisse’s collage, “The Snail.”
Alex Haagaard;#ShittyAltText: The Snail
An Instagram post, viewed on a smartphone. White text in a system font centred on a square the colour of fresh blood. The text reads, “May Be Art of 2 People, People Sitting and Strawberry.” This is the alt text autogenerated by Instagram in November 2021 for Artemisia Gentileschi’s 1620-1621 version of the painting, “Judith Beheading Holofernes.”
Alex Haagard;#ShittyAltText: Judith Beheading Holofernes
An Instagram post, viewed on a smartphone. White text in a system font centred a square the colour of light reflecting dully off an ebonite pipe stem. The text reads, “Ceci η N’est Pas Une Pipe.” This is the alt text autogenerated by Instagram in November 2021 for René Magritte’s painting, “The Treachery of Images.”
Alex Haagaard; #ShittyAltText: The Treachery of Images
This artwork depicts the image of four lower forearms and hands/palms. Each pale arm is mottled with large blue and red bruises and dappled with freckles. Two of the arms have a tourniquet-like bandage wrapped around the bend in the elbow. The other two arms have a tourniquet-like bandaged wrapped in a crisscross pattern around the wrists. The bandages are each a separate color-red, blue, pink, green.
Ashley Bravin; Drained
This artwork features a collage of drawn and painted images. Center of the image is the black and white outline of small sedan vehicle . There is a vibrant red and white “For Sale” sign in the front windshield. In the upper left corner of the image is a blue car placard for disabled parking in the state of California. The bottom left of the image features a pale-yellow prescription pad note, wherein the words “Occupational Therapy” in red lettering can be seen. To the right of the prescription note is a black and white line drawing of a walker with the fold down seat. Next to the walker in a larger scale is a book with the words “Drive Mobility” and stamped “Fragile” in red lettering. The upper right-hand corner of the image shows a glimpse of a set of handwritten notes. Highlighted in yellow is the line “CA driving laws were discussed-warned not to drive.”
Ashley Bravin; Changes
The artwork depicts various displays of medications—dark orange pill bottles with labels neatly lined up in a clear plastic storage bag with other pill bottles spilling out in front of it. Center of the image is a set of two weekly pill sorters filled to the brim with various colored and shaped pills. In the upper left corner a red, zippered bag is opened with more medications in boxes peaking out. The red bag is covered in small white caduceus symbols (the medical symbol).
Ashley Bravin; Rx Wednesday