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The Woodlands is where children and adults with disability and chronic illness find the freedom and empowerment to experience programs that enrich lives. Fully accessible and barrier-free facilities open new doors to safe, inclusive and engaging participant opportunities. Our staff is committed to facilitating social, cultural, environmental, recreational and spiritual growth through hands-on experiences. Welcome, and let’s see what’s possible today!
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2021 Summer Camp Camper FAQs

Do I need the vaccine to attend camp?

No, the vaccine is not a requirement to attend 2021 Summer Camp. We encourage you to receive the vaccine to have the safest camp experience possible.

Will I need to be tested for COVID prior to attending camp?

No. Our medical staff and research done by the American Camp Association feels this can provide not only false positives, but also can give a result within a time frame that a person can be exposed to COVID after taking the test.

Will there be times I won’t have to wear a mask?

Campers will be given mask breaks socially distanced from other friends. The only time masks will not be worn will be when eating, swimming, showering or sleeping. If a camper refuses to wear a mask while at camp, they will not be permitted to continue during that camp. They must be picked up within one hour after the call to caregivers. NO refunds will be issued if this should occur.

I don’t feel comfortable spending the night. Can I participate in day camping?

Absolutely! We always have the day camper option.

When I come to camp will it look the same?

The Woodlands hasn’t changed, but our safety measures have in order to keep everyone safe. We will be operating at 75% capacity (36 campers). We will also be doing more health screenings, wearing masks, socially distancing, and be grouped into pods all while still having fun!

Am I going to be able to hug my friends when I return to camp?

As much as we know that you miss your friends, we are planning on showing how much we missed everyone by having socially distanced high fives and planning other activities that will show how much we missed one another.

Are we going to be doing big group activities like before?

We are going to be doing small group activities in pods. If there is a certain friend you know who is coming to the same camp, please let us know so you can be grouped together. We will do our best to accommodate this request.

What if I get sick at camp?

We have established a specific area for isolated medical care and quarantining. One of our Healthcare Associates will stay with you while you wait to be picked up. We ask that caregivers pickup their camper within an hour of being called.

Will I be notified if someone in my pod gets sick during camp or after camp?

Yes, everyone will be notified, and we will have a specific person at The Woodlands who will be assisting with contact tracing for each camp.



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