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We love what we do! The Woodlands has a committed and passionate staff dedicated to doing the most impactful work every day for our participants. Our team has a thoughtful and professional appreciation for what it takes to do this work, and what it will take to play an even more powerful role in lives of those with disability and chronic illness.

The Woodlands offers diverse employment opportunities for both ongoing and seasonal staff positions. Our flexible weekend and summer job opportunities suit a range of personal, professional and academic schedules. Staff members are trained to safely facilitate overnight weekend respite retreats and our sleep away summer programming. These paid positions can be used to satisfy internship, practicum, observational, or fieldwork requirements. Team members at The Woodlands can earn highly-competitive stipends for their work and are provided housing and meals while on campus.

This is the start of something special!

Whatever your next career step is, or however your aspirations evolve to help our unique community of participants with disabilities and chronic illness, you’ll find inspiration to do more here.

Join our team to see what’s possible. The difference you’ll make at The Woodlands will last a lifetime for your own career and the lives of so many others.

Are you a fit for work at The Woodlands?

Our team is comprised of the next generation of leaders in the fields of nursing/medicine, education, recreational therapy, physical and occupational therapy, and advocacy. The Woodlands’ staff positions are primarily in areas of counselors and healthcare associates.


Perfect for aspiring educators, therapists and trainers, nutritionists and dietitians, social workers, and established counselors.

Healthcare Associates

Geared towards future nurses, doctors, medical technicians, and physician assistants.

What do Staff members do?

Staff work with participants of all ages, adapting traditional camp activities, engaging in direct personal care, and practicing both individual and group activity instruction. We play pumpkin hockey, make art with puffy paint, sing together, wear a shark onesie and ride inflatable orcas. This is “therapy” in a personal, playful and inclusive environment.

Why should you work at The Woodlands?

Summer Staff have unparalleled, hands-on opportunities to develop and refine skills that make them valuable future employees. No matter your career interest, you’ll find professional development opportunities here.

To apply for employment, please submit your resume and completed application to:

Melissa Pavlowsky
Talent Recruitment & Development Specialist