What do Woodlands Programs Cost?

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All individuals with disability and chronic illness deserve the very best opportunities to fulfill their lives. The Woodlands is a safe, uniquely designed and fully accessible facility for those with disability and chronic illness. We want you to be confident in the quality and value of the programming that The Woodlands offers, and have published the actual costs of Woodlands Summer Camps, Weekend Retreats, and Club programs. We also provide many options, suggestions, and solutions for program payment, including waivers, for which many of our participants qualify. The Woodlands experience should be affordable for all – cost should not prohibit participation.

The cost to provide programs at The Woodlands is as follows:

Program Cost
Summer Camp $1,400
Camp Woodlands Jr. Day Camp $515
Retreats $550
BLOOM $450
We ART Here $450
Music Ensemble $450
Fun and Friends $450
Woodlands Theatrics with City Theatre $450
Woodlands Camp Jr. $100 per session


There are several ways to pay for enrollment in Woodlands programs. The Woodlands understands the costs involved in living with disability or chronic illness and will never deny participation for lack of ability to pay program fees. Here are some options for payment and financial assistance:

Participants paying directly and privately will be invoiced following the enrollment process. Payment may be made to The Woodlands by check or any major credit card.

Program fees may be covered by waivers. The Woodlands accepts Consolidated Waivers and Person/Family Directed Support Waivers provided through The Office of Development Programs (ODP) for respite. ODP regulatory code requires that waiver reimbursement rates are the same as those charged to the general public. A confirmation of available waiver funds is required at the time of program enrollment.

Current approved waiver rates:

$214.08 per day

$2.23 per 15-minute unit

Estimated average waiver usage:

A typical Weekend Retreat:  Two day unit at $214.08 per unit.

A typical summer camp: Five day units at $214.08 per unit.

Club programs may be billed using the 15-minute respite waiver. The amount of units utilized will vary for each program, so please contact the Retreat Office at 724-935-5470 for more information.

There are many options for payment assistance. The Woodlands highly recommends the Allegheny Family Resource Guide for a listing of alternate funding sources which can be found HERE.

The Woodlands actively fundraises throughout the year to support scholarships including the WonderFund. The WonderFund enables individuals with financial need to participate in Woodlands activities and ensures that no family will be turned away from programming due to inability to pay. The Woodlands encourages participants not utilizing waiver funding to apply for third party assistance prior to applying for a WonderFund scholarship.

Completion of this application does not imply or guarantee a WonderFund award. Awards are made first on the basis of funds available, and second on the basis of verified need. WonderFund awards will be distributed according to each particular need/scenario. Applications submitted will be reviewed and processed on a rolling basis throughout the year. An application for assistance from The WonderFund may be requested at time of enrollment.

We hope that this information has been helpful and encouraging in your process of requesting and applying for programs at The Woodlands. We are always pleased to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to contact our Retreat Office at 724-935-5470.

Please fill out the WonderFund Scholarship Application during the online registration process.