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The Woodlands Clubs are perfect for participants who like to have their fun during the day and head home at night, or for those not yet ready for an overnight stay. We offer clubs to serve all ages and abilities so everyone has a chance to have fun, meet friends, experience new things and challenge the limits of personal potential.

Ages 18 and over

Thursdays 6pm-8pm

The Woodlands FUN & FRIENDS is designed to provide enjoyable and meaningful socialization experiences with a sense of community. The program offers a chance to discover new recreational interests, meet new friends, increase communication and social skills, and develop safety standards and community awareness.

This Club is designed to fit participant interests, needs, and abilities along with the collaboration of family and support systems. Programming for FUN & FRIENDS includes cooking, creative arts, recreational activity, and music, while teaching independence and healthy lifestyles. This club offers more learning time away from the home environment and can supplement day program.

The following criteria will enable participants to be successful in Fun & Friends:

  • Able to follow multiple step instructions
  • Able to engage appropriately in conversations with other participants and staff
  • Able to behave appropriately in community settings

Ages 6-12

One Saturday a month 10:00 a.m.- 6:00 p.m.

Camp Woodlands Jr. is an introductory day camp for some of our youngest participants. This club is an introduction to the activities of The Woodlands Weekend Retreats and prepares participants to ultimately attend overnight programs at The Woodlands. Camp Woodlands Jr. is the first step into life enrichment activities and an individualized social community. Participants will enjoy music, recreation, and the creative arts along with socialization opportunities that help build lasting friendships.

Parallel running weekend retreat programming for older kids on campus offers supported peer socialization. Caregivers get a chance to relax while the kids explore their own, independent social environment—allowing for healthy separation between child and parent/caregiver. Camp Woodlands Jr. participants are provided with lunch and a snack while attending and do have the option to bring their own as well.

*Participants are required to be able to self-regulate behaviors and transitions and need to be able to be redirected easily by staff in order to be successful in this program. The Woodlands encourages participants to bring their own 1:1 support staff to any Woodlands programs.

All ages welcome!

Mondays 6:00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.

An extension of the Notes From the Heart Music Camp, The Woodlands Music Ensemble is an adapted group experience for Children, Youth, Teens and Adults. We work together to expand their talents by playing a variety of instruments while learning from peers as well. The group learns music skills including songwriting, music reading, and music performance, while having fun working with friends and creating music. Participants engage in vocal, instrumental instruction, culminating in opportunities to perform. While a current musical skillset is not required, a genuine interest in music (singing, instrument playing, and music appreciation) will allow a participant to have the most successful experience in Music Ensemble.

What to Expect:

  • Group dynamics in facilitated music-making experiences with peers to increase participation and involvement.
  • New friendships!
  • Enhanced social skills (verbal and nonverbal) through musical modalities such as instrument playing, vocal work, and creative design of the program performances.
  • Higher self-esteem through rehearsal and performance opportunities.
  • New opportunities for self-expression through music interventions.
  • Expanded cognitive development through understanding, recognition, and application of music theory.
  • Improved impulse control by following musical cues and directives in an ensemble setting.
  • Exercising stamina and endurance to practice and perform individually and as a group.
  • Development and improvement of fine motor skills.

Ages 13-21

Two Saturdays a month 10 a.m.- 3 p.m.

Building Lifestyles for Ongoing Opportunities & Movement (BLOOM Transition Program) is a day program that can also transition into a weeklong, overnight summer camp.

In partnership with Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh of UPMC, BLOOM is a reverse inclusion program for adolescents with and without disabilities, focusing on transition skills, social skills, communication skills and peer interaction through sports, recreation, nutrition and leadership activities. The program focuses on the development of transition skills and healthy lifestyles designed to develop the self-determination, empowerment, overall health and leadership for adolescents in transition.

Adolescents with disabilities are each paired with a peer without a disability and together they cultivate friendships, work on social skills, foster positive attitudes, develop life-long skills and enhance their understanding and acceptance of individuals with varying backgrounds and abilities.

The following criteria will enable participants to be successful in BLOOM:

  • Able to make choices independently
  • Able to occupy oneself with an independent activity for 30 minutes
  • Engage appropriately in conversations with adults and peers
  • Communicate expressively and receptively in a classroom-type setting
  • Self-advocate need for further instructions, clarification, and additional assistance when needed
  • Independently care for own personal needs such as toileting, hygiene and self-feeding
  • Behave appropriately in community settings
  • Be independently mobile
  • Communicate personal information such as name, age, address, parents’ names, phone number, etc.