Camp From Home With The Woodlands

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Just because we can’t be together, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! Follow along as we share fun camp activities to do from your home.

Paper Plate Owls

String Painting

Rock Painting

Recreate a Famous Piece of Art

Nature Collection Box

Water Bottle Spirals

Tissue Box Guitar

Egg Carton Octopi

Cleaning Pennies

Float & Sink

Baking Soda Colors

Banana Muffins

Yogurt Bark

Celery Critters


Cereal Bars

Weinershnitzel with The Kollings

Fresh Strawberry Salsa

Workout With Barry #2

Workout With Barry #1

IM=X Chair Workout


Barry is always curious to see what his campers are up to. To help Barry enjoy summer with his friends, The Woodlands team has created Flat Barry! Similar to the famous story of Flat Stanley, Barry has been flattened and is ready for adventures. To listen to the story of Flat Stanley, click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5QD5UAbDNLs.

Here’s how it works:
  • Click Barry below and save to your phone/tablet/laptop or print him out.
  • As you do camp activities, take vacations with your family or just play outside, snap a picture or video with your Barry and tell us what you are doing!
  • Share your videos with our team by sending them to Mikayla DiCesare at mdicesare@woodlandsfoundation.org
  • Look for your Flat Barry adventures on our social media pages and share with your friends.

Other fun things to do with Barry:

  • Make him your profile picture on Facebook
    • Go to your Facebook profile page
    • Click update on your profile picture
    • Click add a frame
    • Search “Woodlands Camp From Home”
    • Add frame to your profile picture
  • Mail him in a letter to a family member, celebrity, politician or anyone of interest
  • Create a story of Flat Barry with his adventures illustrated