Woodlands Wellness Center Membership

The Woodlands’ 4000 square foot Wellness Center is fully adapted to provide a wide range of healthy activity and recreation for children and adults with disability and chronic illness.  Its variety of adapted equipment, indoor warm water therapeutic swimming pool and qualified staff serve to make The Woodlands’ Wellness Center a comfortable destination for individuals looking to pursue a healthy lifestyle.  The Wellness center is open to the public.  All ages and ability levels are welcome!


Memberships to The Woodlands Wellness Center includes full access to our facility, equipment and classes offered.

Classes include:

Membership Rates

Payments are made four times per year at the following rates:

  • Individual: $130
  • Family: $260

We also accept Silver Sneakers and Silver & Fit

Membership charges are automatically billed via Visa or Mastercard on January 1, April 1, July 1, October 1 of each year.  A one-time-only enrollment fee of $100 is applied at first sign-up.

Costs are prorated throughout the quarter. 

To Apply for Membership

Call, Email, or drop in for a tour and easy sign up!