Fun & Friends

Woodlands Fun & Friends

Woodlands FUN & FRIENDS is designed to provide enjoyable and meaningful socialization experiences with a sense of community in the lives of adults with disabilities.  The program offers a chance to discover new recreational interests, increase communication and social skills, and develop safety and community awareness.  In addition, the program provides a platform to develop character and make new friends.  Goals and activities specific to each individual are created based on the participant’s interests, needs, and strengths along with the collaboration of family and support systems.  Activities are centered around cooking, creative arts, recreational physical activity, and music, while teaching independence and healthy lifestyles.  Fun and Friends offers more learning time away from the home environment and can supplement day programs.

Fun and Friends takes place every Thursday throughout the school year, September to May, from 6pm to 8pm, with check-in located in the dining hall.

Suggested for ages 18 and up.

The following criteria will enable participants to be successful in the Fun and Friends program:

  • Be able to be redirected within 4 prompts from Woodlands staff
  • Be able to self-regulate behavior with redirection from Woodlands staff
  • Open to the benefits from enrichment programs and interest in trying new activities
  • Medical needs may be attended to without 1:1 nursing
  • Follow multi-step directions
  • Engage appropriately in conversations with other participants and staff
  • Behave appropriately in community settings

FUN & FRIENDS meets Thursdays, 6:00pm to 8pm at The Woodlands.

2018 DATES

THURSDAYS: January 18 through April 26, September 6 through December 20.