Cub Club

Cub Club is an introductory day camp for Children ages 6 to 12.  The Cub Club sessions reflect the activities of Woodlands Weekend Retreats and prepare participants to ultimately attend overnight programs at The Woodlands.  Since The Woodlands serves its participants throughout the lifespan, Cub Club is the first step to life enrichment activities and an individualized social community.

Exposure to music, recreation, and the creative arts as a young child significantly correlates with success later in life.  Each Cub Club session provides children an opportunity to explore many recreational, fitness, and social programs while developing friendships.  Cub Club transitions the child and family into a meaningful respite program routine that creates a positive experience for the child wherein they can explore their own social environment.  Attending routinely creates a healthy separation between child and parent/caregiver.

Cub Club takes place twice a month on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm.  Participants are checked in on Saturday and participate in various music, social, and recreation activities with and/or alongside the Weekend Retreat participants for supported peer socialization.  Cub Club participants provided with lunch and a snack while attending and do have the option to bring their own as well.

Participants are required to be able to self-regulate their own behaviors and transitions and need to be able to be redirected easily by staff in order to be successful in this program.  The Woodlands encourages participants to bring their own 1:1 support staff to any Woodlands programs.  This provides an authentic opportunity to apply the transition of skills to real-life social interactions with support from their own 1:1 and Woodlands staff.


Cub Club meets 9am to 4pm at The Woodlands.

Enrollment fee:  $75. per day.



CAMP WOODLANDS, JR is the day camp extension of Cub Club.  Find out more HERE.

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