Camp Woodlands Jr.

IMG_4877Camp Woodlands Jr. is an introductory day camp program for suggested ages of about 6 to 12 year-old youths.  Camp Woodlands Jr. serves to prevent summer social learning loss and to maintain physical activity and recreational experiences.   Each day, camp provides children with an opportunity to explore a variety of activities, while developing lasting friendships with peers.  Our adapted recreational activities focus around music, nature, physical activity and creative arts.  A priority of the program is to increase self-perception and transition the child and family into a meaningful program routine that creates a positive experience for the child, where they can explore their own social environment with peers outside of school or home.  At the same time, attending routinely and creating a healthy separation between child and parent/caregiver.  They will also have the opportunity to interact with the older youth in structured play and cooperative learning activities.  The camp’s professionally trained counselors are committed to children and are knowledgeable in techniques for facilitating positive socialization that will helps achieve their individual goals.  Children have the opportunity to develop positive peer relationships, increase self-perception, promote independence and introduce life skills through exploring adapted recreation, nature and music activities created for their social development.