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Ready to join in on an inspiring and energizing wellness class? We offer a diverse selection of classes to suit skills and abilities of all levels. Whether you want to get active in the gym or in our beautiful pool, you’ll be welcomed into group classes that are inclusive and fun!
Class Schedule

Aqua Stars:

Improve socialization skills while having a blast in the water. This class focuses on aquatic social and recreational interventions for children and young adults with disabilities.

Fit Club:

This land-based fitness class is especially designed for young adults with disabilities. Fit Club focuses on cardio, weightlifting, and rotation through a variety of exercise stations that keep this age group engaged and on the move.

Low-Impact Water Aerobics:

Improve endurance and flexibility! This class takes place in the shallow water and focuses on low-endurance exercises using noodles and hand buoys.

Adult Aquatics (Deep Water):

Burn some calories with this high-energy class! Improve core strength and muscular endurance while doing a combination of exercises.

Aqua Blast:

Focus on strength, cardio, range of motion, and gentle stretching. All abilities are welcome.

Barry’s Bootcamp:

All-inclusive fitness class for young adults ages 18 and up.

Adaptive Yoga:

Build your own practice while being lead through a series of poses and postures. No yoga experience required. All abilities are welcome.