Retreats for Adults

Woodlands Weekend Retreats are occasions like no other for Adults with disability, chronic illness. These weekend programs provide opportunities for individuals to participate in a variety of meaningful, adapted, and enriching activities that promote creative expression, exposure to a variety of sports and recreation, independence, and self-perception. Participants are required to be able to self-regulate their own behaviors and need to be able to be redirected easily by staff in order to be successful in this program. Each retreat carries a different fun filled theme, so there’s more to enjoy each month!



  • January 26 – 27:    Woodlands DIVAS
  • February 9 – 11:   Food Fest
  • March 2 – 4:   Rhythm and Rhymes
  • April 6 – 8:   Butterfly Bonanza
  • September 14 – 16: Boys Only
  • October 5 – 7:  Once Upon a Time
  • November 2 – 4:  Turkey Travels
  • December 7 – 9:   Let it Snow



The retreat season runs throughout the school year from September to May, providing an exceptional opportunity to try out a Woodlands Weekend Retreat before committing to a whole week in the summer.  Participants may also choose to experience the Woodlands Retreats as day programs and work their way towards an overnight visit.  The Woodlands fosters an experience that creates a very healthy separation between camper and parent/caregiver.  Woodlands camp experiences are ones that will last a lifetime and kick start each participants road to imagining all the possibilities they are able to achieve.  The Woodlands offers camps for all ages, fostering sustainable friendships that will grow throughout the years within the Woodlands’ year-round “home away from home” environment.  The year-round schedule also serves as the foundation for creating and maintaining sustainable friendships from season to season and year to year.  Many participants attend month after month and develop their own unique communities and sense of individual belonging.  Woodlands Retreats are a home away from home for both staff and participants alike.

Weekend Retreats run Friday evening through Sunday morning, with overnight accommodations provided in the accessible, barrier free and air-conditioned Woodlands Lodge …and sometimes under the stars in tents at our on-site campground.  The lodge has 6 units, which house 8 campers each, in twin beds.  Each unit is specially equipped and has accessible bathrooms and showers attached.


What to expect:

Participants check-in on Friday evening and check out on Sunday morning.  They are assigned to a unit that sleeps 7 other campers with similar needs, interest and abilities and a Woodlands staff member.  Campers are also assigned to a highly qualified and trained Woodlands Counselor who has completed the Woodlands Camp Academy Training and Leadership program.  Counselors and health care staff are college students or emerging professionals in the fields of special education, social work, psychology, nursing, medicine fields, occupational therapy, recreational therapy or related areas.  All campers rotate each day throughout the schedule of planned activities in 3 large groups with a staff ratio of 4 retreat participants to each counselor.  This gives campers an opportunity to socialize and explore the possibilities that The Woodlands has available with support from our staff.  Campers will eat all meals “family style” in the Dining Hall to support socialization and a sense of community.

*Participants are required to be able to self-regulate their own behaviors and need to be able to be redirected easily by staff in order to experience success with this program.  We do encourage and support participants to bring their own support staff to any Woodlands programs.



Music circles and drum circles
Camp fires
Sing-a –longs
Nature walks and tent camping
Swimming & Aquatic Activities
Zip lining
Healthy Cooking & Nutrition
Arts & Crafts
Yoga and guided imagery
Special performances
Talents shows
Therapy dog demonstrations
Sports & Fitness
Dance and Movement games
Goal Setting
Social/Conversation games


Weekends Retreats focuses on the following 5 goals:

  • Socialization
    To provide opportunities to increase peer socialization and utilization of social skills for healthy relationships through recreational experiences.
  • Independence
    To provide opportunities to increase independence with self-care through practicing activities of daily living in a supported environment.
  • Recreation
    To provide opportunities to increase participation in adapted recreational activities in a group environment.
  • Self-Perception
    To provide opportunities to improve self-perception through positive recreational experiences.
  • Health/Wellness
    To provide opportunities to increase physical fitness through adapted physical activity and healthy cooking activities.