Notes from the Heart Music Concerts


Each year, after a week of preparation at the “Notes from the Heart” Music Camps, the participants perform a concert at The Woodlands. The concerts include various vocal and instrumental performances by the group and ensembles.

In 1999, a group of musical artists and music lovers in the Pittsburgh area came together with a desire to create a summer program that would bring the joy of music to children with disability and chronic illness — children who they felt might not otherwise have such an opportunity.

After a series of special musical presentations and a pilot music retreat, the need for the program was made apparent and the “Notes from the Heart” music program was born. Introducing singing, instruments, music appreciation, composition and improvisation, the program has drawn hundreds of children who yearn for meaningful avenues of creative expression.

The “Notes from the Heart” music program has expanded to include special events and guest appearances throughout the year, as guest artists and music faculty introduce a variety of new music and musical styles to participants.

Each year after a week of preparation, the participants of the Youth and Teen Camp perform the Bringing out the Stars Concert and the participants of the Camp for Adults perform the Starlight Serenade Concert, both at The Woodlands.

Whether singing a simple melody, playing a steady rhythm on a drum, listening to music never heard before or laughing with a new friend, it is the heart that is the origin of all music and the inspiration for “Notes from the Heart.”