The Woodlands offer flexible weekend and summer job opportunities to suit your academic schedule. We hire staff members to safely staff our overnight weekend respite retreats and our sleep away summer programming. These paid positions can be used to satisfy internship, practicum, observational, or fieldwork requirements. Staff earn highly-competitive stipends for their work and are provided housing and meals while on campus.

  • Who are our Staff?

    The next generation of leaders in the fields of integrated medicine, education, therapeutic support, social services, public service, and advocacy. 

    The Woodlands team is primarily comprised of two staff positions. For full job descriptions, click the positions below:

    • Counselors- perfect for aspiring, educators, therapists and trainers, nutritionists and dietitians, social workers, and counselors, role; and
    • Healthcare Associates- geared towards future nurses, doctors, medical technicians, and physician assistants.

    What do Staff members do?

    Staff work with participants of all ages, adapting traditional camp activities, engaging in direct personal care, and practicing both individual and group activity instruction.


    Staff members learn therapies without the capital t! They play pumpkin hockey, make art with puffy paint, sing a bunch of Disney tunes, wear a shark onesie and ride inflatable orcas.


    Why should you work at The Woodlands?

    Summer Staff have unparalleled, hands-on opportunities to develop and refine skills that make them valuable future employees. No matter your career interest, you’ll find professional development opportunities in the areas of:

    Adapting Arts, Sports, and Recreational Activities

    You’ll learn to:

    Coordinate, facilitate, and evaluate recreational, leisure, and self-expressive activities and interventions for participants in a barrier-free environment

    Assist participants experiencing disability to develop gross and fine motor skills

    Refine your leadership, planning, observational, and self-assessment abilities

    Developing Wellness & Rehab Science Skills

    You’ll learn to:

    Implement a variety of therapeutic interventions

    Help participants practice activities of daily living across the lifespan

    Utilize adaptive technologies, including: mobility, communication, and support tools

    Interact with participants’ families, support staff, and medical professionals across the continuum of care

    Educational Practices

    You’ll learn to:

    Perfect your group management, instructional, and intervention skills while working in large-group, small-group, and one-to-one settings

    Practice differentiated instruction for a variety of participant age groups

    Work directly with IEPs, ISPs, behavioral plans, therapeutic support staff, and personal care aids

    Healthcare Experience

    You’ll learn to:

    Practice direct personal care with a licensed RNS

    Check and distribute medications, practice interview skills, and engage in brief physical examinations under RN supervision

    Familiarize yourself with varying medications, primary and secondary diagnoses, diabetes management, wound care, and other medical conditions and clinical practices

    What does The Woodlands look like?

    Check out the videos below to meet our participants and staff, and see our campus in suburban Wexford!   

    Messages from the Staff:


Available Staff Positions:

How do I join The Woodlands Staff?

Interested in working weekends?

We hire our Weekend Retreat Staff on a rolling, first-come, first-served basis.

To apply, complete our employment application (top right of this page under “Required Documents”) and send it, along with a copy of your resume, to Patrick Joyal, Talent Acquisition Coordinator, at pjoyal@nullwoodlandsfoundation.org.

Looking for a summer position? OPEN NOW!

We hire our summer camp staff through our unique Group Process interview sessions! Group Process at The Woodlands is a fun, challenging evening full of active opportunities to demonstrate your strengths and abilities. You’ll want to watch the short video below to learn about group process from Woodlands’ staff.

Be sure to RSVP to our first Group Process Interview Session, Monday February 12 at 4:00pm, by emailing Patrick at pjoyal@nullwoodlandsfoundation.org. Group Process Registrations Close February 1, 2018!

NOTE: Group Process attendees are registered on a first-come, first-served basis, and all must submit a completed Woodlands Employment Application and resume prior to visiting campus.


Staffing and Volunteer Coordinator for Program Services

POSITION SUMMARY:   The Staffing and Volunteer Coordinator for Program Services is responsible for the full-cycle recruitment of all necessary Programs Staff Positions; the management of all internships, practicums, and Program Services volunteer initiatives; and assists with the Programs Department’s operations, compliance efforts, and human resources management.       POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES                                   Full-Cycle Programs Department… Read more »

Healthcare Associate (Overnight)

JOB SUMMARY: The Healthcare Associate is primarily responsible for distributing medication, providing appropriate professional medical support, and supporting personal care routines. Healthcare Associates remain on campus with participants overnight during all WFI camps and retreats. Healthcare Associates Will: Oversee the distribution of all medicine prescribed by program participant’s physician. All medications must be stored under double… Read more »

Counselor (Overnight)

JOB SUMMARY:  The Counselor ensures that participants reside in a clean, healthy, and safe environment while supporting and attending to participant needs. Counselors remain on campus with participants overnight during all WFI camps and retreats. Counselors Will: Fulfill all personal care needs (including but not limited to: showering, toileting, feeding, daily morning/evening routines, and transferring) of… Read more »