Job Summary

The lifeguard is responsible for supervising all the swimming events that take place in the pool.  Assist the Wellness Coordinator and Director of Programs in the maintenance of the aquatic facility and equipment; serves as a resource person for evening programs and special events.  Perform other duties as assigned.


All lifeguards are required to hold a Lifeguard Certification and First Aid/CPR/AED Certification, and all applicable clearances. (Child Abuse, Criminal, and FBI Clearances)

Program Responsibilities

  1. Provide pool supervision and perform lifeguard duties in accordance with established national procedures.
  2. Ensure the safety of others: inform participants and staff of safety precautions and pool regulations and enforce these regulations.

Record Keeping and Documentation

  1. Assist the Wellness Coordinator in keeping ongoing records of the pool conditions.
  2. Assist in the organization and maintenance of records according to the public bathing codes.


Staff Responsibilities

  1. Uphold program policies and regulations and follow program procedures
  2. Attend all scheduled staff meetings
  3. Provide ongoing instruction for staff as it relates to your program.
  4. Participate and assist in all activities and programs when not required to fulfill primary job responsibilities.
  5. ALWAYS keep in mind the safety of the participants and staff when planning a program or activity. AT NO TIME should the safety of others be jeopardized for the sake of an activity.

Program Area and Equipment

  1. Take inventory and maintain all equipment and supplies pertaining to the program. Inventory prior to opening and after every session.
  2. Clean and maintain the equipment and program area daily. Assure that all equipment is in good condition for safe use by participants and staff.
  3. Sanitize equipment after use.
  4. Serve as a resource person for others. Provide materials and physical assistance as required.
  5. Secure supplies as needed or assigned.