Woodlands Auxiliary

IMG_1492The Woodlands Auxiliary is a group of volunteers who embrace the mission of The Woodlands by carrying out various fundraising and special projects to support programming and operating needs. The Auxiliary meets monthly, typically on The Woodlands’ campus.  One of the largest and ongoing efforts of the Auxiliary is the planning of the annual Butterfly Ball gala.

Past projects have included planning a butterfly garden on The Woodlands’ campus; facilitating a summer ice cream party for camp counselors and participants and creating summer camp care packages.

If you are interested in volunteering as a member of The Woodlands Auxiliary, or would like to learn more about their efforts, please contact Francesca Sacco, fsacco@nullwoodlandsfoundation.org or at 724-935-6533.


Sandra Lambert – President
Michele Belechak
Jocelyn Bosick
Nicole Clark
Ann Marie DePretis
Kathy Drambel
Lyn Dunn
Missy Fahler
Mary Ellen Ferri
D.J. Hammerschmidt
Lisa Heim
Susan Heisler
Jill Izenas
Kim Kalnas
Kim Kaluzny
Jennifer Kelly
Christa Kolling
Debra Krigar
Martha Kummer
Pam Leibensperger
Andrea Marnen
Leslie Metarko
Marion S. Mezmar
Wendy Moyer
Bette King-Norris
Rose Rajasenan
Lori Roberts
Cheryl Stasiowski
Valerie Straight
Wendy Thomas
Ellen Vargo
Karen Lee Yanicko
Nancy Yoder
Jeanne Yohn